N by Norwegian – Down By The River

The fat, red man has a faraway look in
his eyes. He is naked, his modesty
shielded only by his right arm, which
extends coyly across his lap.
Motionless, he never shifts from his
perch on the boardwalk of the old wooden house,
where he wistfully observes the activity on the
Bangkok Yai canal in the neighborhood of Thonburi
in the Thai capital.
Such eccentricity is commonplace at Baan
Sinlapin (the artist’s house), the centrepiece of the
community of artists at Khlong Bang Luang. The
community, which boasts vintage antique galleries
and a few small exhibition spaces, is dispersed
around a string of wooden stilted buildings linked by
a plank walkway along the canal.
Local artists use the atmospheric venue as a
workspace and their efforts are showcased at regular
exhibitions. The house is also home to fascinating
resident pieces of work – including the corpulent
canal-side daydreamer.

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