IQ – Barack’s Barmy Army

It was practically impossible not to get unilateralism that left a legacy of war, torture caught up in both the inexorable momentum of Obama’s campaign and the thrilling finale on November 4th when he swept aside the challenge of John McCain – winning 365 electoral votes to his adversary’s 173.

This was a victory that caused palpitations around the world. The scenes of jubilation that greeted Obama’s triumph may have been most intense in the US itself, but the rest of the globe was hardly a detached and non-partisan observer either.

How could it be? The American public may have borne the full brunt of the Bush administration’s disastrous domestic policies, but the rest of us could only look on with sustained dismay and frustration as its neo-conservative agenda triggered a tidal wave of unilateralism that left a legacy of war, torture and environmental destruction in its tunner-visioned wake.

Even the greyest of Democrat technocrats would have made a welcome departure from Bush and his band of rogues. The fact that the lame-duck incumbent’s successor is young, charismatic and as eloquent as Bush was incomprehensible – as well as being the first ever African American president to boot – makes the present euphoria surrounding Obama all the more understandable.

Yet, and yet, the idea that the incoming administration will signal a clean break from the Bush era appears less and less plausible as Obama’s flit into the White House on January 20 approaches.

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