Spears – Why the Lion is King

A hundred years ago, when its skyline was bereft of towering chrome and glass skyscrapers and feats of contemporary architecture, Singapore was a wild place. Down by the river, coolies worked the island’s hectic trading port and reclined in shadowy gentlemen’s clubs for a tug on an opium pipe. The island’s interior, meanwhile, was an inhospitable place where rainforest thrived and stealthy Malayan tigers stalked the jungle floor.

A century later, the city-state’s population of hungry tigers is still thriving, but they are not of the man-eating strain. Rather, these cats are the big beasts of the financial world and the Lion City is their current favourite stomping ground.

Singapore this year retained its world title (first earned in 2011) as the country with the highest number of million- aires per capita. Meanwhile, a recent survey by The Daily
The Lion City of Singapore has come a long way in the past century. Duncan Forgan provides a guide for the HNW visitor Telegraph found that three in ten bankers cited Singapore as their preferred place to live and work.

With all this money sloshing around, it’s hardly a shock on the seismic scale that the island has become pretty adept at catering for high-rollers — whether they’re resident or not. Once derided for perceived sterility and a nit- picking penchant for rules and regulations, the city has learned how to loosen its figurative necktie, resulting in some of the fanciest bars, restaurants, hotels and shopping to be found in Asia.

Modern Singapore is a fruitful place for those who have the money. The jungles may be thinner, and the illicit drug dens are long gone. In a host of glittering venues across the island, however, the tigers of the city’s high society are roaring louder than ever.

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