The Scotsman – A Sporting Enthusiasm

WITH its riot of colors and atmosphere of evocative mellow beauty, it is no surprise that so many many wax poetic about autumn. And no region in Scotland is more deserving of sonnets inspired by the season’s unique quali-ties than Perthshire.

Sitting astride the Highland Bound- ary Fault, the natural phenomena which fused the Highlands and Lowlands together many moons ago, Perthshire possesses a unique variety of terrain that has earned it the undisputed title of Scotland’s adventure capital.

The range of activities on offer is mind-boggling. Rivers such as the Tay, the Earn and the Isla are often whispered about in quiet awe by anglers, golf- courses such as Blairgowrie, Crieff,Pitlochry and Murrayshall all present intriguing challenges in breathtaking surrounds, while walkers, mountain climbers and cyclists will all find plenty of routes – from lofty treks high among the peaks, to more sedate waymarked trails through forests and along river valleys – to keep themselves occupied.

So far, so run of the mill you might think, but mainstream activities are just one side of Perthshire’s adventure coin.

The region also has an eye-watering range of extreme sports options. Air- borne activities include gliding, flying lessons and microlight adventures. Meanwhile, back on dry-land and in the powerful gushing rivers, you can in- dulge in anything from quad-biking, kayaking and abseiling.


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