Travel and Leisure – Southern Comfort

In the depths of the Cambodian jungle,

there are things that go bump in the

night… and things that go bump in the

morning, like the ominous thuds that

are suddenly sounding on the

underside of our boat.

We are puttering our way along the

Kampot River towards the Teuk Chhou

Rapids, around 8 kilometers from the

center of the charmingly somnolent

little town. Once there, we will swim in

crystal-clear pools, sway gently in

riverside hammocks, and receive free

skin-removal treatments from fussing,

matronly monkeys.

As the boat passes underneath a

clump of coconut palms that jut out

almost horizontally over the tranquil

water, a loud disturbance beneath the

craft becomes obvious. “There aren’t

crocodiles in here, are there?” a fellow

passenger asks nervously.

“No, the boat just ran over some

discarded coconut husks,” laughs Wee,

our captain, as the boat steadies and

continues to cruise upriver.


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